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The 10 Most Ignorant Motivational Fitness Quotes

This will be one of the most cynical posts I’ve ever written. So if you’re not one for sarcastic humor or negativity, if you will, I suggest that you find a different article of mine to read.

I’ve always been happy-go-lucky when it comes to motivational quotes related to fitness and nutrition. That was back when I was plenty naive and trying to grasp any kind of positive message that I could find – on Pinterest in particular.

Since I’ve graduated college, my maturity levels have grown and I have accustomed myself to a different way of thinking and a more relaxed way of life. Life is too short, right? YOLO! Too much? Whoops, my sincerest apologies.

So now instead of going on Pinterest and pinning all kinds of motivational “thinspo” quotes and then making a collage of them on my laptop, I just make fun of them on the off occasion that I go on this once too familiar website.

Some of these images and quotes area little intense to say the least.

Oh, really? I didn’t know this was a beauty contest. Sweat isn’t cute?






So many things are wrong with this. One, no one is walking around in public naked, so who cares. Two, who says fit girls don’t look good in clothes, or skinny girls look naked? Three, are you saying that girls who are neither skinny nor fit look bad? Come on, people.



Or, you know, stop when you’re dead? I don’t think so. You can stop when you want to, don’t overdo it.











I hate this quote. I am what I eat? So basically I’m a watermelon, a large cup of coffee, and a yogurt parfait? That doesn’t even make any sense… and even if it did, so what?








Now that’s more like it! 😉 just kidding…



What’s working? my death plan or my workout? Doesn’t make exercise appetizing at all.







False. I actually think my facial features are the best accessories, thank you very much.






Possibly the most insulting thing I’ve ever heard. So just because someone is busy and they either skip a workout or they just don’t feel like it, they’re automatically fat? Ignorant sons of bi…. Whoa sorry. Getting off track there, Carrie.



I usually like Jillian Michael’s fitness quotes, but this one is just terrible. I’m not going to use puking, fainting, or dying as a marker of when I should stop exercising. That’s too extreme for me, Jillian.









My all time favorite. Clearly they haven’t ever eaten a cheeseburger, chocolate milkshake, or an old-fashioned glazed donut. That right there is the definition of tasting better than how skinny feels. Yum 🙂






Point to take from all of this: live life the way YOU want to. Relax, enjoy every moment, and find what makes you happy. Don’t listen to any cliché fitness mantra, because they can’t tell you how to live your life.


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